The music video is a visual portrayal of the track from Djin Kai & myself - which Joe reminds his audience that success is a double edged sword. To constantly stay humble, be aware of one self  and a reminder that there are no shortcuts in life, hence ‘Sampai Jadi’.

The treatment for Sampai Jadi was inspired by films such as Kurosawa’s ‘Seven Samurai’ and Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’. Rather than creating a music video with stereotypical hip-hop tropes, we decided to take a different approach and have symbolic representations of the lyrics. Our vision for the video aims to solidify Joe Flizzow’s status as an ever evolving artist not just in terms of music but also visually.
Director & Art Direction - Zulamran Hilmi​​​​​​​
Co-Director & Executive Producer - Ian Kirk
Cinematographer​​​​​​​ - Wan Chun Hung
Gaffer - Sau Pan Cheong
Focus Puller - Huang Chun Fei 
Props & Set Builder - Senilab
Wardrobe & Styling - Shahrin Bahar
Editor - Aqqashah Rahim
Colourist - Beh Jing Qiang
Mohd Aziz Bin Haim
Ahmad Kasyful Azim
Mohd Hazzem Bin Emrah
Mufaridzat bin Mustapa
Mohd Roslan Bin Ismail 
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